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A Day in the Life of a Web Developer

Web Developers play an integral role in every website on the internet. Without Web Developers and Designers, the web pages companies use to promote products and offer their services simply wouldn’t exist. So what exactly does a Web Developer do? And what can you expect from the role?

In order to become a Web Developer, you’ll need an appropriate qualification. We offer a BTEC Higher National Diploma in Computing (RQF) which can be a solid base for students to gain the understanding needed to explore the role. If you’re successful in becoming a Web Developer, here’s an idea of the salary you can expect to earn:


RoleAverage Salary*Upper End Salary*
Web Developer£23,992£37,000

*Statistics according to payscale.com survey

 Once you’ve completed the course and passed your Web Developer interview, what can you expect to do in the role?

Web Developer roles typically involve a mixture of developing and consulting. Because it is an area of IT expertise, many clients will turn to a Web Developer for advice. The client may explain what they want, and the Web Developer is expected to figure out how best to implement their ideas in a practical way.

To be a successful Web Developer you need to have strong skills in organisation and multi-tasking. What you won’t be doing is designing – that’s something you may have to remind clients from time-to-time.

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