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Admissions – Appeals and Complaints

Admission Appeals and Complaints Procedure

A representation by an applicant against an aspect of the student admissions procedure may take one of two forms:

1. An appeal against an admissions decision
2. A complaint against some part of the procedure, even if a decision has been favourable to the student.

All participants in an admissions representation should be aware that the College must follow UK laws.

An appeal against an admissions decision (1 above) must be made formally in writing by the applicant within five (5) working days of receipt. The written appeal must set out the grounds for appeal. There are three possible grounds for appeal:

a. College has not followed correct admissions procedure
b. more information from the applicant is now available
c. College’s first decision was perverse.

An admissions complaint (2 above) will be dealt with by any combination of oral and written means in line with more general procedures for receiving and dealing with complaints to the College from individuals who are not currently students or members of staff.

The written admissions appeal must state the remedy sought, the applicant’s reasoning and evidence, and must supply any fresh admissions information which the applicant wishes the College to consider.

The admissions appeal procedure will take the form of a reconsideration of the original application alongside the appeal material.The reconsideration will follow the general admissions procedure for that programme. The appeal correspondence and the applicant’s application materials will be considered by a team of (at least) two   members of staff. The staff must be unconnected with the scrutiny of the original application. The admissions appeal team will report to the Director of Studies or Principal who will communicate to the applicant the College’s decision on the appeal within ten (10) working days of receipt.

Following consideration of an admissions representation (as detailed above), no further appeal is allowable. The only exception to this may be where the person complaining is a former student of the College who is applying for re-admission, and the complaint is directly connected to their time as a student. If this is the case, the student in question may seek to have the decision reviewed by the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA). Information about the OIA may be found at http://www.oiahe.org.uk/ or by ringing 0118 959 9813.


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