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Purpose of the Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is responsible for the oversight of The City College subject to the ultimate commercial and legal authority of the Board of Directors. (The Board of Directors answers to the college’s legal responsibilities under UK company law). The Board of Governors advises and oversees the directors, Principal and committees of the college on matters which include but do not exhaust educational standards and quality, strategy, risk, resourcing, employment, and regulatory body matters. It includes City College educators, students and external members.

Members of the Board of Governors

Uroy Clarke, DTLLS, BA (Hons), MA, MSC (Chair)

PhD candidate. University lecturer, and Programme Director at UWTSD.
Previous Borough Councillor for UK political party. Participated in Councillor Leadership Academy.
Employment history covers years of non-executive, engagement, partnership, compliance. Managerial experience has involved the development of Executive members, and quality improvement of services through a number of strategic processes, able to take a strategic view in the development of the organisation regulations, policies and guidelines to ensure on going development through evaluation and performance indicators.

UK degree in accounting, Masters degree in Leadership and Management and an MSc in International Banking and Finance, level 5 diploma in education and training. .
Was non executive director where he;

  • Developed and increased continuous development strategies.
  • Ensuring that all legal and statutory obligation are fulfilled
  • Drive forward the organisation’s programme of improved quality and efficiency, delivering change at all level
  • Develop the corporate approach to strategic planning and development and promote consultation with all partners
  • Develop and deliver business opportunities that maintain, support and enhance the delivery of existing services and increase the market share of relevant services through effective marketing
  • Develop an environment that stimulates innovation of new services that build on existing models and increase quality and value for money
  • Monitor and evaluate organisational financial performance and ensure that sufficient information is provided to the team.
  • Lead and develop a strong management team that motivates and inspires staff at all levels

Experienced on matters such as strategic partnership, governance, risk management, and employee relations. In addition, Uroy has previously chaired the Finance and Personnel Committee at local authority level.

Mike Potter
Mike has been practicing East Asian Medicine (EAM) for 38 years, and currently runs a busy practice in Totnes, Devon. He has been teaching in Higher Education since 1983, and teaching Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine since 1991. Mike is currently a Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster.

Tasneem Riaz (Director) (ex officio)
Tasneem joined The City College in 1987 and has more than 32 years’ experience within the Higher Education sector. Tasneem has worked her way up from an accounting assistant to the Managing Director. She oversees the financial and marketing side of of the college and is a very much hands-on executive who is used to tough challenges.

Mattias Scheibel Larsson
Ian Woolgar
Amanda Banks
Collin Chikwana (Current Student)
To be announced (Alumni Student)
To be announced (Lead Student Representative)
Susan Riaz (Staff/ Minutes).

Minutes of Meetings

The inaugural meeting of the Board of Governors was held on 28 August 2019. The minutes are available by clicking the button below.

Minutes for the Board of Governors meeting held on 02 October 2019 are available by clicking the button below..

Terms of Reference

Terms of reference for the Board of Governors are available by clicking the button below.

Legal Constitution

The City College and The City College of Acupuncture are the trading names of Inter-Ed UK Ltd. The legal constitution of the College is explained in the document that is available here.

Higher Education Remuneration Code

The Board of Governors of the City College had its inaugural meeting in late August 2019. Immediately after, its members took cognizance of the Committee of University Chair’s Higher Education Remuneration Code:
The College expresses its support for the Code, and currently arranges its affairs to comply with the Code, exception made (as allowed by the Code) for City’s status as a private limited company in which directors are allowed to take dividends and in which the directors are also senior managers of the college.

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