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Office for Students

office for students

The City College is proud to announce that we are now Registered with the Office for Students (OfS).
The Office for Students is the regulator of English higher education.
June 2021


What it means to be a registered higher education provider?

A registered higher education provider is one that has been accepted onto the OfS Register of English higher education providers.
All registered providers are regulated by the OfS.

What being a registered higher education provider means?

Being registered means a higher education provider has demonstrated to us that it:
· provides well-designed courses that deliver a high-quality academic experience for all students
· supports students from admission through to completion
· ensures students’ outcomes are valued by employers or enable further study
· awards qualifications that hold their value over time, in line with recognised standards
· pays regard to guidance about how to comply with consumer protection law
· has a published student protection plan setting out the risks of course, campus or provider closure and how it will protect students’ interests in such an event
· has the financial resources to provide and deliver the courses advertised
· has the management and governance arrangements necessary to provide and deliver the courses advertised.

Why do higher education providers register with the OfS?

Being registered with the OfS, means students can access student support funding (in other words, its students can get government loans for certain courses)
For more information, see www.officeforstudents.org.uk/the-register


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