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Studying Health and Social Care Management in London

Health and Social courses are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason. In the modern era society is acknowledging the need for increased attention in the health and social sector as we continue to gain a better understanding of how to help and rehabilitate, rather than neglect, vulnerable individuals and groups.

Studying at City College in London can give you an essential understanding of what working in the health and social sector entails. More importantly, our experienced instructors will provide the education you require to take the next steps in your career. Ideally you will already have experience of working in the sector, though if not we may be able to help arrange this for you.

Our courses are flexible to your needs, with three different start dates in January, April and September. Students can study full time or part time over a 2-3 year period. Graduates of the course will receive a BTEC HND Diploma in Health & Social Care Management, which is the equivalent of two years’ study at Undergraduate level at a UK university.

So, is a BTEC in Health & Social Care Management right for you? If you want to gain employment in sectors such as nursing, social care or to become a healthcare professional, this may be your ideal course.

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