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What work can I get through Health and Social Care (Management) degree?

Whether you’re just finishing at school or looking for a change later in your career the Health and Social Care sector holds huge appeal. We find that our courses here are some of the most diverse, and this makes sense when you consider that it’s an area which affects us all.

A common misconception is that social care work is not particularly lucrative. But depending on what specific sector you aim for, there is ample opportunity to use your diploma to leverage a well-paid role. Not only that but, because the skills learnt here are rather flexible, there is sometimes the opportunity to switch jobs within the sector too.

What jobs can I get?

Once you’ve qualified for a diploma in Health and Social Care, a wide number of career doors could open up. A diverse course means diverse options. Here are some of the more popular career routes followed by those in the industry:

Role Average Salary* Upper End Salary*
Senior Social Worker £33,721 £41,000
Social Worker £27,360 £35,000
Registered Nurse £23,958 £30,000
Staff Nurse £22,988 £29,000
Health Care Assistant £14,941 £19,000

*Statistics according to payscale.com survey

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