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Studying Education and Training

Flipping a famous saying on its head, a recent campaign in the UK has declared that ‘those who can, teach’. And it’s an idea which warrants serious thought. In an ever-changing society, it is harder than ever to pinpoint a degree which is future-proof. Emerging technologies continue to render older methods obsolete. And this makes it tricky to choose the right degree for you.

However, one career which continues to be relevant is the teaching industry. Education and Training are timeless. Helping to craft future generations is not only a popular course, but one which is widely respected and gives you skills which can be applied to a wide spectrum of roles.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, there’s good news. The City College London offers two separate courses related to the field. We have the AET Award in Education and Training, and the DET Diploma in Education and Training (formerly DTTLS).

Career options

If you take one of our Education and Training courses, you could open the door to multiple careers. Here are a few of the most popular roles in the field:

Role Average Salary* Upper End Salary*
Lecturer / Speaker £35,960 £48,000
School Business Manager £30,723 £48,000
Secondary School Teacher £31,702 £44,000
Office Administrator £17,729 £25,000
Teaching Assistant £12,003 £17,000

*Statistics according to payscale.com survey

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