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Studying AET Award in Education and Training in London

As the definition of jobs, careers and workspaces continue to change in the modern age, there are few degrees which are future-proof. Education and training are about as close as degrees come. Regardless of the changes technology may bring, having a helping hand to help guide the next generation on the right path is an essential tool to our society. This is why so many of our students opt for a course in education and training.

This AET Award specialises in an introductory course for individuals looking to take their initial steps into the education industry. Successful candidates will study at our leading London college in a concise yet informative eight-week program. Part time study keeps things flexible for students that have to balance jobs or personal commitments, and we have three start dates throughout the year to suit your needs. Our education and training courses start in January, April and September.

During the course you will study six units which are integral to gaining a fundamental understanding of the education industry. In total the six units are worth 27 credits. The course can even be taken by people who are not currently in a teaching role.

If you want to learn how to teach, consider applying today.

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