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A Day in the Life of a Business Project Manager

A Day in the Life of a Business Project Manager

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Are you always the person among your friends or family tasked with organisng everything? Do you feel at your most comfortable when your tasks have all been arranged and compartmentalised? If this sounds like you, perhaps you’d benefit from a career as a Business Project Manager.

There’s no set role for a Business Project Manager. In the role, you can work across thousands of potential projects for all kinds of companies, big or small. But there are some common themes that you’ll find across all Business Project Management roles.

You’ll often be tasked with managing a budget for large projects involving multiple departments. You’ll have to liaise with different teams, taking into account the needs of all staff, and factor in any potential issues. Things won’t always go to plan either, so thinking on your feet is a must. And you’ll need to have the ability to see the ‘bigger picture’ – understanding exactly what your organisation wants to accomplish.

You’ll need to create budgets and timetables that must be adhered to, helping to source any necessary materials required. If you have natural bartering skills they’ll come in handy as well, because negotiating the best price on said materials is crucial.

But how much will you earn as a Business Project Manager? Check out the details you need to know in the table below:

Role Average Salary* Upper End Salary*
Business Project Manager £46,000 £70,000

*Statistics according to nationalcareerservice.direct.gov.uk survey

 Ready to take the plunge? Before getting any hands-on experience, you’ll want to think about taking a professional course, as level 4 and level 5 business courses will help out in a big way. You’ve come to the right place, The City College London.

Take a look at our BTEC Higher National Certificate and Diploma in Business Management page for more information.

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