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Studying BTEC Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management

In recent years there has been a trend towards video meetings over the internet, emails in lieu of face-to-face discussions, and a gradual movement towards electronic communication. This has made our workspaces operate at a more efficient pace. But at the same time, it presents problems when it comes to hospitality. Staff and colleagues who may have only ever experienced video meetings, or ad-hoc catch-ups, may be lost when it comes to a more formalised arrangement. That is why Hospitality Management is arguably more important than ever.

Whether it’s for your own small business or as part of a wider organization, Hospitality Management is fundamental to the process of clear understanding and customer satisfaction. Without it, staff and clients can feel lost or undervalued.

Our Hospitality Management courses are flexible. There are both full and part time slots available, so you can balance your education with other commitments. Courses are staggered throughout the year, so you can start in January, April or September. If you successfully complete the course you will be eligible to move into completing an undergraduate degree, as the course is the equivalent of two years’ study at undergraduate level.

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