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What makes an ‘Ideal’ student?

What makes an ‘Ideal’ student?

What makes an ‘Ideal’ student?

By Programme Leader Mandy Hayward

When recruiting students @TheCityCollege, our teachers work at creating engaging lessons which will inspire participation and achievement.

Students who enjoy learning, come prepared for the lesson, and work hard to attain good grades and successfully complete the course are a joy for all teachers.

So, what are the indicators of what an ‘ideal’ student is:

  • Being presentable and professional when interviewed and having the right equipment and IT skills to begin your learning journey.
  • It is good to have an interest or experience in the field you will be studying for the next 1-3 three years.
  • Demonstrating knowledge of the course you are applying for. How will it improve and impact your personal and working professional life moving forward?
  • We want to support you and know that studying with us will positively impact your career, whether it helps you progress to a different job or a promotion.

However, what makes an ‘ideal’ student is the same approach when recruiting staff #workethic #attitude and #commitment of said candidate.

@TheCityCollege, we want great students, great staff and great teachers. Be positive, proactive and personable

So, if you are thinking of signing up for a course @TheCityCollege, aspire to be greater!

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